Thursday, May 29, 2008

Three die in Gem County truck accident

BOISE - One man and two young girls are dead following a traffic accident near Sweet.

Police say David Coburn was traveling with his three daughters along the Sweet-Ola Highway when the accident happened around 11:30 Saturday morning.

The girls are identified as Ellie and Kaitlyn Coburn, aged 4 and 8.

The third daughter, Taylor, age 6, is in critical condition at St. Luke's Regional Medical Center.

Officers say the driver was rounding a corner in a Ford pickup when another Ford truck hauling an old trailer came from the opposite direction. The trailer came loose sending some pipes rolling. The pipes got under the family's Ford F-350.

The truck lost control and went down a 25-foot embankment, rolled and went into some deep creek water over the embankment.

The other driver was not injured.

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